Uniform and Dress Code

In order to provide a safe school environment, maintain order and promote academic excellence and discipline, the prescribed uniform must be worn by all students. Students must ensure that they are wearing the correct uniform before entering the school premises. Students who are not in complete uniform will be sent home.


Full uniform must be worn at school, between school and home, on excursions and to all school functions.

Students must show pride in their school by ensuring that their uniforms are always neat.

Medical identification (Medic Alert) may be worn but no other jewelry is permitted.

Students entering the administration offices must be in full school uniform.

It is compulsory for all students to wear the P.E. uniforms when they participate in sport.

Students are not allowed to wear any kind of cloth or t-shirt under their school shirt apart from a white and plain undershirt. Coming to the school with sports shoes, sneakers, sandals, slippers, or boots will not be accepted.

UNIFORM: (can be purchased at Toppers)

- A white collared shirt. (Long / short sleeves)
- School shoes must be black and they must be polished regularly.
- A grey school pants.
- For religious purposes, a grey skirt/tunic may be worn over the pants and a plain black scarf will be allowed.
- A maroon school tie.
- A black school blazer with the school’s badge (badges can be purchased at the bursar.)
- White ankle socks in summer. In winter, thick black pantyhose may be worn.
- All uniform items must be clean and in a good condition.
- A black, V-neck sleeveless cardigan.
- A black rain jacket.


A special prefect tie will be designed for selected prefects


Black & white track suit/plain; white collar golf shirt with badge/white socks/ white/plain takkies. (PE UNIFORM to be finalized with Toppers)


1 pair of earrings (small, plain, gold, stud earrings OR small sleepers) in each lower lobe. Only one pair of earrings is allowed.

A plain gold/silver small watch may be worn.

No other jewellery will be allowed (including nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue or

body piercing).


Nails must be kept short and neat. No nail polish will be allowed.


Long hair must be tied back at all times. Hair must be kept off the face.

Only black hair clips/hairbands/scrunchies/ ribbons will be allowed. (If uncertain, consult the form teacher).

Simple, short and neat braids will be allowed.

Hair must be combed flat and must be uniformally of the same length.
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