Currently we offer a number of different sports at star college namely: Volleyball, Soccer, Dance and Netball.

Our sports are offered by professional trained athletes. Training would include learning different rules and manovoures of the games; also we have stamina training once a term that would include doing various exercises to boost our stamina that we have an extra edge on the other teams.

It has been an exciting year for us as we had many different events taking place. our soccer girls had the opportunity to be trained by world famous soccer club named Ajax, that is looking to draft players from our school.

Our volleyball girls has taken part in many tournaments and won nearly all their matches. Recently we came second at the South Peninsula volleyball tournament. Five of our girls have been selected to join the Western Province trail.

The netball girls had an exciting season behind them. They have been training nonstop and has an undefeated winning streak.

Our Dance has been going great. Many girls feel at ease and relaxed at dance they have  a moment to let their bodies be free and just enjoy the moment. They learn hip- hop dance routines every week.