Photography Club

Established in 2016, Shooting Stars Photography club is an elite and very special club at Star College Girls High school.

The club is a part of Star’s extensive extra-mural clubs and societies family, held every Tuesday for an hour (or however long required depending on the task). Learners are required a DSLR camera and are taught a range of skills regarding the art of photographs.


Every week new themes are explored, and new skills attained. Learners are involved and engaged, and the club is facilitated by a convenor that prioritises the learners’ interest for a holistic sense of development, alongside their academics.

The club runs throughout the year (excluding exams and control test weeks) and has many activities that encompasses both school and home. Learners are taught how to utilize their DSLR to its full potential.

Learners are taught a theme and are then given a task (related to the taught theme) to complete at home. Learners are then required to submit their shot/s the following week.

Working along-side our sister club Instar Media (Instagram: @starcollegecpt where Photography Club photos are often posted), Shooting Star girls are often utilized for school events (inter-house, fundraisers, excursions etc.) and should their photographs be used in the Media clubs’ quarterly school newsletter, they are credited by having their name mentioned alongside their photographs.

Shooting Stars Photography Club is more than a club, it is a family and as we learn, we also grow together. The Club is indictment to the passion that Star has in offering learners the best schooling experience possible.

Educator and Convenor – Ms. M. Lee