Genius Olympiad 2021 – Well done Star!

Another proud moment for Star College Cape Town and South Africa 
The Genius Olympiad (an annual international Olympiad that promotes a global understanding of environmental issues and the achievement of sustainability through basic science, arts, creative writing, engineering, design, and business development and one that celebrates creativity and innovation among global high school students) hosted its annual awards ceremony this past weekend. Although the awards ceremony was held virtually (due to Covid restrictions) and not in the USA, the girls still managed to enjoy the celebration.
Six of our learners participated this year, each submitting a project in their selected category. The 2021 Olympiad virtual fair hosted 816 projects and 1021 learners from 85 different countries and entries of more than 2400 projects were submitted. 
Our girls did exceptionally well considering it was the very first time that Star College Cape Town participated in this Olympiad.
Imtithaal Manuel, Bilqees Abdurahman and Syeda Amina Mohiudeen who are in grade 12 achieved BRONZE Medals.
Zara Deva who is in grade 9, Ameera Ebrahim who is in grade 11 and Sameenah Abdurahman in Grade 12 were mentioned as HONORABLE AWARDEES! 
The Star College Cape Town Family is so proud of the girls!

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